Ready to invest in a better life?

S T A R T   H E R E

It's time to gain clarity on your identity and purpose in life.

We live in a world where your options are endless and the possibilities limitless, so why is everyone so miserable? Because we're overwhelmed, driven by anxiety and fear, and paralyzed by decision fatigue. It's all just too much.

We get advice your passions, live your best life, find your purpose, identify your values, discover what matters most, find your focus, determine what is essential...but we have no idea what that means.

Most of us are passionate about sooo many things. And then what about our strengths? our skills? our natural gifts? How does it all fit together?

That's what this course is all about: clarifying your identity and purpose so that you can live a good life.

I created the Find Your Way course to help anyone who struggles with their sense of identity or purpose in life to find clarity on who they are, and what they should do.

And it all starts with the...


The Purpose Framework, created by Ways & Meaning, is an easy to understand system to help you think through the most important questions you'll ever ask yourself, and organize your thoughts in a way that will allow you to set boundaries and make decisions moving forward. It allows you to identify the habits, thoughts and behaviors that will enable you to live the good life by aligning your actions with your beliefs and values.

This self-guided course starts with a lesson on what scientists and philosophers know about living the good life. From there we start in the middle and REALLY get to know yourself better. After that we go higher and establish your essential values and highest beliefs. Then we go deeper and align who you are with what you do. The final step is to do the work and I'll provide you with my best tips on how to identify what's not working in your life and create new habits that will ensure you thrive.

Throughout this process you'll gain a better understanding of which components are static, which change, and how often they should be re-considered. I'll provide you with a system for reviewing and updating your identity and purpose in life and provide you with this course and it's materials for LIFE so you'll always have the tools you need.

Y O U ' L L   L E A V E   T H I S   C O U R S E

  • More confident in your true self and your contribution to this world
  • With essential values and the knowledge to use them to make better life decisions
  • With a better understanding of your highest belief and how to connect deeper to your faith (even if your faith doesn't include God)
  • With a system for assessing how well you're doing in the most important areas of your life
  • With a process to identify your current and future focus
  • Informed about what makes for a good life, how to change your behavior, create and maintain habits and set boundaries to protect what matters most
  • With an additional framework to help guide the purpose of whatever venture, business, non profit or project you want to create
  • Ready to do whatever it is you're meant to do

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”
-   S  O  C  R  A  T  E  S


This course was designed for

  • anyone struggling to find more meaning, happiness or joy in their life
  • the self aware that know the journey towards self discovery and purpose never ends
  • the entrepreneurs that have more ideas than progress
  • the dreamers that don't know where to begin
  • anyone that feels a little lost, a little off their own path and wants to get back on

About this course

  • Hours of video lessons
  • 40+ page printable workbook
  • PDF transcript and slides of all the video content
  • Hosted online at
  • Self-paced, go at your own speed
  • Access for life, it's intended to be revisted annually


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​​​​​​​About your guide

Hi, I'm Kim Soko Schaefer, the Founder of Ways & Meaning. You probably want to know why I'm qualified to teach this course, right?

Well, I'm not sure there is a qualification for helping people find their way in life, but I can tell you that I know a shit ton about how you can try. 

I'm a trained strategist, and by that I mean I earned my MBA, started working for a management consulting firm and specialized in strategy and planning for purpose-driven organiztions. My job was to help organizations define why they exist, establish values to help guide their decision making, and establish strategic intents about what they would and wouldn't do. And now I do the same thing for entrepreneurs.

I'm a student of the good life. About a decade ago I discovered the field of positive psychology and I've been obsessed with it ever since. It matched perfectly with my love of behavioral economics and neurobiology in understanding what it is that really promotes overall positive wellbeing in both mind, body and spirit. I've read nearly every book, article and website dedicated to what science tells us creates meaning and joy in life and I want to share that wisdom with you.

I'm living a great life. And maybe this is all the evidence you need. My biggest fear as a child was waking up one day and thinking 'how did I get here?' I've always lived a very deliberate, very purposeful life, and when combined with a lot of luck and tons of privilege, I've found myself living the good life.


What you'll learn in this course


About this course
A brief introduction to how the course works and anything else you need to know before you dig in

L E S S O N   1
About the Good Life
What science and philosophy tells us about the components that make for a meaningful, joyous, life filled with overall positive wellbeing

L E S S O N   2
Know Yourself
A series of guided questions and exercises to explore your biology, culture, personality, strengths and gifts as a means of clarifing your identity

L E S S O N   3
Go Higher
A guide to establishing your essential values and deepening your highest belief, regardless of whether or not you believe in a god


L E S S O N   4
Go Deeper
How to determine what matters most and where to focus your time, energy and attention by assessing your current life

L E S S O N   5
Do the Work
Practical applications for living your purpose including a lesson on habits and behavior change, establishing boundaries, and purpose-driven decision making

L E S S O N   6
For Your Venture
A BONUS lesson to help you take what you learned about yourself and apply it your next business, non profit or project

N E X T   S T E P S
Plan Your Future
An overview of where to go from here, including a BONUS visioning exercise